Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sizzling Summer Savings

Write it down, make an iPhone alarm, tattoo it on your arm (ok, don't do that), just make sure you stop by our Storewide Summer Sale starting this Friday, August 1st. 

Why? Because almost everything in the store will be on sale… with big furniture pieces and artwork at 25% off!! Not something you want to miss out on people.  

Also, August 1st - 15th all CR Laine special orders will be 15% off… which means you would have your new furniture just in time for the holidays. Have you been putting off a new sofa, or chairs? This is the time to do it! 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Design Tip Tuesday: Monochromatic Design

Today's Tip is all about color. One color. When designing a room in all neutrals or a monochromatic style (one color) use different tones and shades of that hue (color), and many textures to give the room depth. 

1. In Jennifer Lopez' kitchen she uses the monochromatic hue of light gray blue. Alternating the blue tone with the lighter tint and lots of white give the room an airy, clean feeling. 

2. Another bedroom using gray as the color. Adding a weave throw on the bed, shiny porcelain lamps, and a tufted linen headboard doesn't let this room fall flat. 

3. What a beautiful living room using linen and darker gray tones to balance the space. Pulling the grays from the artwork and the drapery just a tad darker than the walls made a beautiful look! 

4. Lastly using more color… blue! Repeat the color in the room at least three times to get the right look. Here they used blue velvet chairs, blue lamps, and blue in the artwork. The addition of green in the ferns takes this room to another notch! Why? Because blue and green are adjacent colors on the color wheel…. another lesson for another day. 

Have a question for Design Tip Tuesday? Write in to 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New York Bound!

Ok - our trip is officially booked! Erin and I will be going to New York soon for a shopping adventure.

What is your go-to place we have to try? Have a fun brunch spot or rooftop bar we can celebrate on? I read about the one above yesterday… called Prune. With that kind of branding, we are definitely going to have to do that one!

Comment below, we would love to know!

Friday, July 18, 2014

How to: style a bookcase

Today we are looking at the creative art of styling a bookcase. Here's how I tackle the empty spot begging for a little fun while still remaining uniform and un-cluttered. 
1. Create your platforms. 
 - In the photo above, they used books and magazines to create their platforms. Do you have to do three per shelf like they did? No, in fact, don't. Mix is up a little, but pick a couple places on your shelf to do this. Some stacked, and some vertical. 

 - The platforms will hold your fun little things we like to show off in the bookcase. Whether it's a cherished heirloom or a brass piggy you found at your local Social Manor shop… put them there. 

- Another good platform idea is a lacquer box. At the shop we carry a variety of sizes and colors. I love putting these in bookcases because they secretly hold things.
2. Next up, let it lean. 
 - Artwork that is. Whether it's a fun and whimsical 12" x 12" print you picked up and framed at hobby lobby, or a larger abstract, lean the artwork in empty spots to create depth.  The large artwork on the photo above gives the smaller bookshelf some height in the room. 

- This little beaut below will be in the Bohemian Beauty Sale on our Facebook page this week on Sunday @ 5:30 pm, [sorry, shameless plug]. But he would be the perfect little addition to the bookcase. 
 - This is also where you can add in the personal frames and photos. Don't worry, it won't look alone with the next step. 
3. Azzzessorize, baby. 
 - Take one of your stacks of books ( le platforms) and put a larger accessory on top, just like the sculpture of brass sticks above. 

- Or these Gold and White Spike Orbs we have in the Bohemian Beauty sale this week too. [shameless plug #2] But, aren't they cute?! They look small, but 7" tall! 
4. Other tips:  
- Have a colorful bowl you want to show off? These are great for bookshelves. They give a pop of color, and they also corral weird things like trinkets and the extra nails you found while accessorizing. Who knows when you will need to hang something immediately? Go to the garage, no. I've got a nail right here. Bam. 

 - Need to stack books but don't like the colors on the binders? Turn them all around. You still get the look of books, but all you see are white pages. Makes a look very simple and clean. 

 - If you want a color-coded bookshelf design hit up your local Goodwill, they have a ton for cheap. 
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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Boho Braid

Have you tried the "Boho Braid" yet? A carefree, (they say easy) way to tousle your hair. Some include a messy fish tail braid, a braided crown, and a side pinup tuck. We would love to hear, which style do you love best? 

***This week's Facebook sale is themed "Bohemian Beauty" and we have lots of really fun goodies coming to you on Sunday at 5:30 PM, CST. 

Check out all Boho Beauty images and more Bohemian style on our Pinterest Board